Bhutan 1988 - 1992

Bhutan 1988 - 1992
Himalayan Pasture and Fodder Research Network
FAO RAS/79/121

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Bhutan map
02_Wabthang farm
Wabthang sheep farm
03_Clover stand
Very dense
 clover stand (a)
Very dense
 clover stand (b)
05_grazing trial
Grazing trial
paddocks (a)

06_grazing trial
Grazing trial
paddocks (b)

07_grazing trial
Grazing trial
paddocks (c)
08_varietal trial
Fodder varietal trial
09_bamboo shrub pasture
bamboo shrub
pasture (a)
10_bamboo shrub pasture
bamboo shrub
pasture (b)
11_Tongsa Dzong
Tongsa dzong
12_Thimphu dzong
Thimphu dzong
13 Office work
Office work
14 Typical house
Typical house
15 Traditional dance
 Traditional dance
16 Archery contest
Archery contest

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